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Diamondback Linings is a distributor for Graco products.  These U.S. manufactured high pressure proportioners have proven durability with excellent manufacturer support. We obtain significant discounts based on annual volume of our business partners, and  pass most of these savings directly to our customers by avoiding high inventory and operational expenses.

We can also advise you on the suitability of other equipment (both used and new) for applying our coatings. Our product line includes polyurea formulas for any available proportioner.


More about equipment available through Diamondback Linings

Your equipment will usually ship directly from the manufacturer. We can often save you both time and expense researching your best equipment investment based on the specific application at hand.
We can assist you with recommendations and pricing for almost any professional application equipment based on your business needs. For those businesses who would like to go mobile, we have turn-key trailer setups available to simplify the process. These rigs have pretty much everything needed to hit the road today for on-site applications of fleets, industrial or agricultural equipment, koi ponds, and other large jobs.
In person, on site setup and training for your equipment and product is often available anywhere in the U.S. or Canada for a minimal expense with new equipment purchases. You are never left with an expensive equipment investment without the knowledge of how to operate or maintain it. Most training involves 3 days at your place of business actually applying your coatings.
Whether your spray-on polyurea or other coating needs call for turnkey readiness, on-site repairs, or a system that doesn’t yet exist, the professionals at Diamondback Linings and their partners will deliver. Solve your business, industrial, or manufacturing problem with targeted coating applications.
Contact us today for a quote or recommendation to help you grow your business!

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