Coatings for Water Features and Fountains

Water features can be difficult to maintain due to the outdoor environment they are generally located in. Algae growth, animal droppings, etc. are often difficult to remove (even when sealed with a concrete paint). Any water feature, fountain, birdbath, or other water container will be a breeze to clean if a coating of our Seal Tite products is first applied.


More about our Seal Tite protective coatings

Our Seal Tite koi pond and water feature coatings not only help reduce time spent maintaining your water feature, but can add years of life as well. By varying the flexibility and consistency of our basic product line, customized packages are available to suit the needs of your specific application. This product is available not only in clear as a durable coating which doesn’t change the color of your fountain, but a wide variety of appealing colors as well. You can even custom color if desired.
Our Seal Tite Ultra product provides the strongest, most durable product available in a manual mix product. Although available only in black currently, pre-formed water features in need of repair can also take advantage of this professional grade coating. The adhesion, tensile strength, and flexibility of this addition to our pond coatings produce the closest match to our professional application polyurea products.
Large DIY or business applications can also take advantage of our polyurea cartridge products (or other polyurea products) with minimal equipment cost. These products can be taken mobile to do on-site applications just like our koi pond products when large structures are involved.
Get in touch with some details about your current project, or business goals to see how we can help!

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